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Funeral White

Gabriel Rose

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Funeral White

Post by Gabriel Rose on Fri May 22, 2015 5:29 am

Jessie and I were talking and while we don't like it, one of us will Sunder one day. We thought it would be neat if when we all attended a funeral or something we wore white, which is the real world Romani custom for mourning.

The color worn by mourners at Romani funerals, until recent times, has traditionally been white or red. White has been thought of as a symbol of purity, of protection, and of good luck. In some Eastern European tribes, the women will dress entirely in white, and the men will wear white ties and gloves and place white bands around their hats.

We thought this would be a neat thing to have ready for when one of us passed or heck, even when someone in town passed away that we cared enough about.

Also...did you really need an excuse to buy more garb? I didn't think so.
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